Jeffrey Levy

“I will help you sleep well! I anticipate your problems and deliver you innovative solutions which highlight what is best for your clients!”

Marge Levy

“I help you feel confident by removing the complexities of carrier and state appointments. I simplify the process thereby assuring timely issuance of your policy and compensation.”

Evan Roberts

“I am a relationship driven partner in your practice who relies on my team, hard work, and expertise in designing and implementing insurance solutions before, during, and after to give you and your clients the best value.”

Jeffrey Levy, LACP

Principal & CEO

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext 905 C: (410) 916-9777

Marge Levy

Director of Contracting & Licensing

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext 902

Evan Roberts

Brokerage Vice President

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext 903 C: (443) 465-5548

Linda Bennett

“As a member of your team, I leverage a quarter of a century of relationships, knowledge, and experience to provide creative solutions to underwriting roadblocks, delivering the most favorable results for you and your clients.”

Kevin Beck

“Using my decades of experience, I am able to take complex problems and turn them into simplified solutions, providing a result that is in the best interest to your client.”

Rob Greene

“I am relationship driven and will foster that relationship by treating your client as my only client. I manage expectations through ongoing communication and prioritize what is needed to help you achieve your client’s underwriting goals.”

Linda Bennett, FLMI, ARA

Director of New Business

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext. 901

Kevin R. Beck, CFP®

Advanced Marketing Consultant

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext. 107

Rob Greene, CLU

Sales Vice President

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext. 904

Erin Dunseith

“Through resourceful thinking & a great team, I will bring you and your clients creative and competitive solutions in a timely & efficient manner. My experience makes me driven to create a difference in your practice.”

Erin Dunseith

New Business Administrator

 O: (410) 517-1592 ext. 906