Financial professionals initially work with Chesapeake Brokerage because of our high client retention rate, our quality of production, and the overall value we bring to their clients. Financial professionals continue to work with Chesapeake Brokerage because of our ability to provide unbeatable underwriting, our strong client advocacy, and because of our ability to differentiate creative solutions for their clients. It can be difficult for financial professionals to create lasting relationships with their clients. Our goal is to help you create and maintain that relationship by providing you with a variety of solutions for your client’s assets.


Chesapeake Brokerage was founded off the realization that there is not enough client advocacy in the insurance market place. Since its inception in 2011, Chesapeake Brokerage has been an independent brokerage firm, committed to building relationships with financial professionals that will prosper. We self-impose a fiduciary responsibility that fully commits us to uncover the best life insurance policies, specifically catered to your clients’ needs.