We approach estate planning with an education first mentality. Your clients have worked exceptionally hard to build businesses and amass wealth that means more to them than their bottom line. There is an emotional, experiential, and financial aspect to true estate planning, and our partnership effectively addresses them all. Estate planning can be much more than coming up with a dollar figure that will be transferred to the next generation. With advanced market attorneys and local estate planning attorney partners on our team, we are able to speak to estate planning problems and solutions at a high level. Insurance is an ancillary vehicle that addresses concerns and provides a solution to high net worth clients. Our approach is to educate, learn, create, and repeat. We think of estate planning as legacy planning, with the foremost question being, “how do we pass it along most efficiently?” Below are some areas in which insurance can be an integral part of an estate plan.

  1. Taxes: reduction, elimination, offset
  2. Health Care: self-fund, leverage assets ie. Insure
  3. Business Transfer: Sale of/gift of/ESOP/Dying with your business
  4. Gifts (generational)
  5. Education
  6. Asset Relocation
  7. Charitable Planning
  8. Estate Equalization
  9. Generational Marriage
  10. Second Marriage
  11. Special Needs Planning
  12. Concentrated Stock Portfolio
  13. Life Settlements