We Create Relationships

It is often thrown around in our community that people do business with people they like.   That could not ring more true at Chesapeake Brokerage. Not only do we thrive on advocacy and hard work, we thrive on keeping our relationships happy and knowing they will not stray at the first sign of a hiccup in a case.  We are in an industry that is ever changing from a product and planning perspective and building teams of experienced, trustworthy partners is imperative to client and advisor success.  Our goal is to provide transparency through the underwriting process, and make sure our relationship lasts, but more importantly yours and your clients relationship lasts.

We Advocate

We don’t truly start our job until we see “no,” for the first time.  Our job is to manage expectations of the client, and provide them with unbeatable solutions to help them mitigate risk and achieve their financial goals.  We advocate for the client financially, medically, and recreationally during the underwriting process.  We’re passionate about what we do for a living, our relationships we have creative, and our goal is to make sure we are never beaten from the competition, and are able to provide your client with what they deserve.  Our experience shows, some people stop at, “no,” but that is where we thrive and bring advocacy to the next level. Underwriting takes experience, expertise, creativity, and advocacy.

We Partner

We help advisors by first and foremost coming to an understanding of how their practice operates and who their clients are.  We are not order takers, and are very proactive in our partnership with Financial Professionals.  We know not all Financial Advisors operate the same, nor do they have the same clients who can utilize the same solutions.  We help advisor’s clients expose risks and goals in their financial plans and are able to utilize life insurance products as potential solutions to those problems and goals at hand. We partner with advisors to help with the issues at hand but to discover and expose opportunities that may have not been addressed.

We Educate

Our industry has shifted from educating to marketing.  Look at what is produced by carriers very little extends towards educating producers or consumers.  We rely on our vast experience and knowledge and extend this towards our clients.  An educated client is better situated to help uncover and solve problems.  Knowledge must be the fuel which all sales run on.

We are experts in our field and take the time to impart this expertise and experience with our partners.  Education helps to set clients at ease, demonstrate your qualifications and build trust.

We Design

Design starts with connecting and establishing a dialogue.  Before pencil hits paper we listen and ask questions, measure twice and cut once.  Often there can be more than one way to design a potential solution, by understanding the client’s situation and needs along with our partners requirements and comfort zone we are more likely to hit on the correct solution early in the design process.  Designs are never an exact science and as such will be tweaked and turned until it is exact.

We Solve Problems

Solving problems centers around critical thinking.  Problem solving is a mind-set!  The correct mind-set brings out the best.  Rather than accepting the status quo we shape our environment towards a better solution.  We center problem solving around critical thinking, creativity, teamwork and persistency.  A passion not to rest until we have uncovered a solution which benefits the client.

We Serve

Chesapeake Brokerage aims to serve our clients with the end consumer always in mind. We treat each case as if it were our only case and put all our resources and knowledge into every case that comes through our door. We know by that by serving our clients this way they will never question what they are presenting to their clients and know they are always giving the best recommendations for strategy and product.

We Underwrite

We have four Underwriters on our team.   This allows us to know what we are facing before an insurance carrier underwriter ever looks at the clients file.  We advocate for the client financially, medically, and based on avocations.  Just because a carrier comes back with preferred, that doesn’t mean it’s THE OFFER.  We need to understand the medical background, the financial background, and the social background of the client. We know to ask the right questions to do this on a preliminary basis, setting the client up for best case scenario from the start.  Our experience allows us to do this efficiently.

We Mitigate

Some things are simple fixes, some things are big fixes. We mitigate every situation, not just the product, to make sure there will be no complications in the future. From the time an application comes in to the time it is issued we look for any complications that may arise and make sure they are taken care of before it will